My name is ALEA. I started my phone service in 1996.
Some of my friends have been calling me consistently all these years. Sharing their tragedies, triumphs and....
oh-oh-oh, all those fantasy moments.

Connecting is easy.
You call me .... I answer. We talk about whatever fantasy you want.
Have your visa/mc/amex information ready.
I charge it for one flat fee. No more.
$25 = 15mins talk time
$50 = 15min video call: both our cams on.

Charges bill as Hoorah Creative Arts.
We talk! It is that simple.

Call me: 214.320.2284
Chat FAQ's
Q: When is the best time to call? I enjoy phone but am not working primarily for phone calls. I am independent which makes me here for better reasons. Fun! Sorry for any inconvenience but when you call your friends they are not always immediately available either. Keep trying.

Q: What methods of payment can I use? Visa/amex/mc debit cards and visa gift cards.

Q: I want to talk about reality not fantasy? I am happy to chat about life's minutia sans fantasy but will not condone or agree to any immoral or illegal activity in this context. No consent given in reality conversations. I believe all citizens should obey the laws of the USA. no exceptions