Please read my website before dialing or dropping a note.

Manners are expected.
Say HELLO introduce yourself and talk to me.
The money exchanged only defines the boundaries of a friendship.
Mutual enjoyment is the goal. Sexy, unbridled fun. YES. Can it be raw, naughty, and passionate? YES. But connection needs to be met or the experience will be empty and/or less fulfilling.

I'm sure you want to feel valuable and respected as an individual on a core level. I do too. This has to be the basis to make this a valid uplifting encounter. my goal is always to enrich and be enriched. Not in a sterilized surface kinda way (-: but at the metaphorical heart. YES. *yes, yes, yes, baby!*

With that said... Let the games begin!


Phone: 214.320.2284 (call or email preferred over text)

Same day possible if you contact me before 7pm.
No late night calls - THANX!


Your patronage is greatly appreciated.