Here is a little insight into my personality.

I am Passionate and Positive. Mixing impish, ethereal, earth-mother qualities with sophisticated stately presence, plus a whole lotta 'kitten with a whip' sexitude thrown in! *ta dah*. I love being naked & seldom wear panties.

I read extensively, like small venues, & the performing arts; Music from Mingus to Capt. Beefheart; from Liszt to Lil' Wayne.
The New Yorker, MotherJones, Harpers mags.
Movies: Foreign, art house, indy. Gaudi, Balanchine, and the vibrant colors in Italian early renaissance egg tempra paintings, resonate for me.
My Amazon Wish List shows my current in-ter-ests if you are in-ter-est-ed.

I am an adopter of strays, a visitor of museums, a junk store junkie, who could be happy living in my garage workshop!



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